New album progress report – January 17, 2016

Well, let’s see here… time to start work on a new maQLu album or EP, therefore time to start keeping track of progress on such.

First of all, there were some loose ends to tidy up.

First, skimming through the blog here it looks like I forgot to post a damn thing about me moving the old experimental releases back over to from where I had previously moved them to, which I now want for just comedy releases I’m working on… coulda sworn I blogged about that, but I guess that was only on my other blog.

OK, well, long story short: check out, there’s a bunch of new old stuff up there as well as some old new stuff.

I shall make individual posts for each of those with an embed, they all got posted over Christmas for the most part (so I’ll just back -date ’em til then!), with the last 3 going up yesterday.

Those last 3 were Rhododendrons for a Virgin (one of the old New Moon Madness experimental noise podcast episodes), Full Moon Mixtape (all the new originals and remixes of my own songs I did for my short-lived Full Moon Mixtape podcast), and a new compilation of 18 random tracks I did from 2003-2013 — some of which have never been released anywhere before — that had no other home called Odds and Ends.

Rounding out the uploads over the last month:

So, that’s a whole lotta experimental noise, however, do note the release dates on all of it: nothing I posted is newer than 2013.

While I do continue to use electronics, what I’m writing these days is decidedly rock. Or at least rock-ish.

Which brings us almost back to the matter of a new album.

First, though, there’s the matter of the last one, Divisive, which never really got its day in court when released at the start of 2015, mostly because it came out when I was kinda busy with other things, and then a month or so later when I had more time, that was right when I started getting really pissed off at the politics at CiTR which soured me on the whole college radio thing in general, which is usually where most of my promotion efforts go…

So yeah, that fell through the cracks, but I think it was my best album yet, and the one that is a beacon to where the new stuff I’m writing is going. So I want to get that album out there but of course now I’ve left it a year…

Well, there is a weasel way around that, namely, pull together an EP as a coda to Divisive, put that on the same CD with Divisive, write up a bio like I meant to do that, and boom, new release date is current.

So, the working title of the EP is Scorched Earth, and I’m cannibalizing another project I started but never really progressed with called Stratforlorn, wherein I was going to do it anonymously or with a bullshit alias (I was thinking “Maggie Snatcher”) and make the most offensive-to-college-radio lyrics I could think of (working song titles such as “Axl Rose Was Right All Along” and “Pay for Your Own Damn Pills”) backed with the laziest preset-driven arpeggiated electro I could think of. Basically a trolling experiment.

But I ain’t got the time in my life to bother.

However, some of the beats I did get around to creating were pretty good, like the aforementioned “Axl Rose Was Right All Along,” so 3 tracks on the Scorched Earth EP will be what were to be Stratforlorn tracks (“Axl Rose Was Right All Along,” “Trigger Warning,” and “30K Up Your Nose”).

There will be 2 or 3 more tracks, one of which is “American Man,” one of which I just started writing this week and doesn’t have a title, and possibly one I started last summer which also doesn’t really have a title yet but I might call it “All the Little Bolsheviks.”

Not sure exactly how long it’ll take, but I’m hoping to have things done by April… just in time to arrive in summer and be ignored by college radio when everyone fucks off home for the summer.


I suppose I’ll also have to get new pics taken, since I don’t look like this anymore:


I also no longer have the most of the tattoos you see in that “American Man” video blog… by the date, I’m guessing it was shot only a few days after my first laser tattoo removal session for the pin-up boys on my upper arms. Two years and seven laser sessions later and three cover-up tattoos later (there will be a fourth by the time Scorched Earth is done) and I barely look the same person.

Probably because I barely am the same person anymore. I’m back to being the same person I was in my teens. Which is a good thing for me, but perhaps not the best thing for continuity on the maQLu front.

Mind you, as a teen I had a vision of this project as being a cross between Guns N Roses and Public Image Ltd., but by the time I started I’d taken a fucked up detour in my life and my music into industrial noise, so I guess this is a return to what things should be also.


Anyway, so that’s where things are at with the interstitial weasel EP to Trojan Horse Divisive into college radio without it getting shitcanned on account of being a year old. Let’s now discuss the actual new album which probably won’t be finished until the fall.

Well, “American Man” is the direction it’s going, although that doesn’t mean it’s going to be acoustic. More that it’s going to be more structured and… I was gonna say more personal, but I guess a lot of the industrial stuff I did also was.

It will be more like Divisive than, though I suppose maybe those are more similar than I think they are.

Different headspaces, though, less bitterness. Or so it seems right now.

There are a few leftover songs that never fit even with Divisive, so I have some titles:

  • “Voodoo” – this has been performed live a couple times in 2013/2014, but I don’t have a good demo posted anywhere. Half-finished in terms of recording.
  • “Liberation” – early demo version on that Full Moon Mixtape release I just posted
  • “Membrane” – a slow, moody track I’ve had kicking around for years that didn’t fit anywhere before the new stuff I’ve been writing lately
  • “Naive Again” – has also been performed live with “Voodoo”

And of course I have a bunch of other half-written songs for it.

The plan after finishing Scorched Earth is to finish up these four core songs by the end of May, then do one of the half-written ones every 2 or 3 weeks until I have 11 or 13 (because I have my number preferences as always).

Perhaps a better way to give a sense of direction is to give a list of the albums I’m influenced by, which may or may not be apparent in the final product:

  • The Cult – Love
  • L.A. Guns – Hollywood Vampires
  • Guns N Roses – Use Your Illusion II
  • Love & Rockets – Express
  • Billy Idol – Cyberpunk
  • Cobra Ramone – Cobra Ramone
  • Newlyedeads – Dreams from a Dirt Nap
  • Pigmy Love Circus – The Power of Beef
  • Shooting Gallery – Shooting Gallery
  • Mother Mother – Eureka
  • Duran Duran – Liberty
  • Faith No More – Introduce Yourself
  • INXS – Elegantly Wasted
  • Black Label Society – Hangover Music vol. VI
  • The Boyd Rice Experience – Hatesville
  • Danzig – Danzig IV
  • Johnny Thunder – So Alone
  • KMFDM – Symbols
  • Public Image Ltd. – This is What You Want, This is What You Get
  • Devo – Total Devo
  • Tom Waits – Blood Money

Realistically, it probably won’t sound anything like any of them. But there ya go.

And that is the state of the new album as of now.

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