Tattoo cover-up #2, phase 1

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Following up from the first tattoo cover-up session and the last one, yesterday we moved on to the left arm, where the cover-up tattoos shift from hibiscus to passionflowers.

As with the right arm, we started with the front of the bicep tattoo, because that’s the suckiest one to get done, so best to get it over with first.

But before we get into that, here’s the old tattoo as of yesterday before the cover-up started:


As with the right bicep’s former tattoo, Devil Boy here got zapped by the laser 7 times, hence the fading and blobbification of him. For comparison, here he is from early 2014, the day before the very first laser tattoo removal session, so you can see just how much work the laser actually did:


And here he is this morning once the stencil was on but before anything else was done:


And an hour later after outline, black shading, and some of the colour shading (yeah, blurry like the last picture, don’t think my iPhone camera quite locked onto it right for the autofocus):


And another hour later after it was all done:


You’ll notice there aren’t any leaves, that’s because we decided to get the flower on this time, then next time we stencil on for not only the second passionflower (to cover up another pin-up boy on the outside of my left arm) but also for any leaves we’ll add to both flowers, and we’ll freehand on a few curling vine tendrils, too, so next session will be a longer one encompassing a lot more area.

Then we just have the backgrounds to do, one arm at a time, so three more sessions to go and then we’re done. Yay!

Finally… the overall tattoos won’t be finished in time for my original hoped-for timeline of “get ’em done by Valentine’s Day,” however, my next tattoo session is a few days before Valentine’s day and as I said just above, we’ll finish the remaining pin-up boy’s cover-up on that day, so… technically, no the, tattoos won’t be done by Valentine’s due to the backgrounds not being done, but on the other hand, technically yes, the coverups will be done by Valentine’s.

PS: in case you’re wondering about the colour on the grounds that, hey, aren’t passionflowers white?


Yes, normally, they’re white with purple tentacle things:


However, because we humans like to fuck with things and cross-breed and mutate and hybridize, lavender or purple ones do exist:

And you can find ones with lighter blue tentacles too:

So I’m sure if I poked around long enough I’d find a picture of a real one with just that colour combo. Actually, this one’s kinda close:

Anyway, point is, can’t do white flowers for cover-ups because you need colour to mask the old shit under it, not white. Therefore, some liberties were taken.

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