The Rock N Roll Blather Show – January 16, 2016

This week’s stories: Metallica’s lawyers get “overzealous” against a tribute band; Nickelback vs. Lloyd’s of London; Lemmy’s funeral watched by over a quarter million folks online, including 2 of Motörhead’s guitarists; Guns N Roses’ Dizzy Reed plays with a GNR tribute band; Alan Niven says Izzy Stradlin’s still waiting to decide on playing Coachella with the GNR reunion; Black Sabbath’s tour drummer is revealed; Joe Perry backs Pyra up on an online argument… well not really, but he said something unrelated that jives with Pyra’s argument; and everyone and their dog wants in on the David Bowie eulogizing glory.

Plus: some upcoming Vancouver concert highlights.

Video version with just the top 5 news stories of the week:

And the extended podcast version with more stories and more snark:

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