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Under My Skin Podcast #81

This week, Pyra whines about her sore throat, gives a brief report on last week’s Left Spine Down show, and discussed the end of her music project maQLu. Also: a blog about the manufactured outrage over Roosh’s meet-ups vs. the crickets over actual rape mobs and an idiot on YouTube complains about Pyra’s Guns N […]

Under My Skin Podcast with Pyra Draculea


The Rock N Roll Blather Show – February 6, 2016

This week’s top stories: Megadeth’s new album launches at #3 on the Billboard charts while Justin Bieber’s album is #2 (but you already knew that); shows us a parallel universe where Lita Ford is a dorky librarian/high school band teacher; Bret Michaels fancies himself a luggage designer, the better to transport wigs and bandanas; […]

Mind of maQLu Radio – February 4, 2016

This is an aural stream of consciousness transmission, the soundtrack to your transmutation. Today’s magic word(s): Popular belief. Mind of maQLu Radio – February 4, 2016 by Maqlu on Mixcloud Playlist: Van Halen – Top Jimmy (1984, 1984) Marilyn Manson – Mister Superstar (Antichrist Superstar, 1996) Hanoi Rocks – Beer and a Cigarette (Self Destruction […]


Under My Skin Podcast with Pyra Draculea

Under My Skin Podcast #80

Under My Skin Podcast #80 by Pyra Draculea on Mixcloud This week: Pyra slowly starts working on her New Year’s resolution to cook at home more but opts for McDonald’s rather than risk “catching the hipsterism” on Main Street; helps her brother with WordPress; mentions her growing mini-obsession with the Shikoku pilgrimage in Japan; spends […]