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Everything always sucks at Walpurgisnacht. In theory, it’s the biggest celebration sabbat/holiday for Satanists, deemed second only to your own birthday in the Church of Satan calendar, and miles ahead of Hallowe’en.   Of course, I’m not really a Satanist anymore, rather some sort of Crowleyite, and I don’t celebrate my own birthday either, really.  […]



The Rock N Roll Blather Show – April 16, 2016

New format wherein I interview a guest. This week it’s my brother, “Dave,” and we discuss Metallica letting down the “lost suburban boys” of the 1980s, Nirvana before they got famous, the real Seattle Sound (the Melvins, the Accused, and Coffinbreak), violent moshpits back in the day (eg. at NoMeansNo), desert island playlists, Courtney Love, […]

Under My Skin Podcast v3.0: Episode 4

This week Pyra talks about the time she saw a real live white supremacist minding his own damn business on the Skytrain; demotes herself to bassist, ponders live logistics for live maQLu shows, and rambles on about synths, live acoustics, and the overtone series; critiques Izzy Stradlin’s terrible taste in “comedy” and comments on the […]

Under My Skin Podcast with Pyra Draculea

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Demoting myself

So, I’ve been having delusions of grandeur leading me to thinking that 1. I should make some new music (well, that’s more of a compulsion, I guess), and 2. that I should perform live again, which, mixed with a pragmatic appraisal of my skills lead me to thing that 3. I need a band because […]