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Out of the wasteland

Long time no write. What’s been going on in my life? Everything, nothing, movement, stasis, creation, blockages, etc. I swore “Persona Non Grata” was the definitive end to this maQLu business, but then I also used to say maQLu was my evil twin; well, the problem with putting your evil twin to bed is sometimes […]




Sitting in the back of a dark theatre with my newest friends, eating chocolate and watching the other girls do their tech run-throughs. I should have been more daring in dropping my hints that I’d like you to come. But no… I didn’t invite you to my show tonight just as you didn’t invite me […]


Everything always sucks at Walpurgisnacht. In theory, it’s the biggest celebration sabbat/holiday for Satanists, deemed second only to your own birthday in the Church of Satan calendar, and miles ahead of Hallowe’en.   Of course, I’m not really a Satanist anymore, rather some sort of Crowleyite, and I don’t celebrate my own birthday either, really.  […]



The Rock N Roll Blather Show – April 16, 2016

New format wherein I interview a guest. This week it’s my brother, “Dave,” and we discuss Metallica letting down the “lost suburban boys” of the 1980s, Nirvana before they got famous, the real Seattle Sound (the Melvins, the Accused, and Coffinbreak), violent moshpits back in the day (eg. at NoMeansNo), desert island playlists, Courtney Love, […]

Under My Skin Podcast v3.0: Episode 4

This week Pyra talks about the time she saw a real live white supremacist minding his own damn business on the Skytrain; demotes herself to bassist, ponders live logistics for live maQLu shows, and rambles on about synths, live acoustics, and the overtone series; critiques Izzy Stradlin’s terrible taste in “comedy” and comments on the […]

Under My Skin Podcast with Pyra Draculea

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Demoting myself

So, I’ve been having delusions of grandeur leading me to thinking that 1. I should make some new music (well, that’s more of a compulsion, I guess), and 2. that I should perform live again, which, mixed with a pragmatic appraisal of my skills lead me to thing that 3. I need a band because […]

Under My Skin Podcast v3.0: Episode 3

This week: Pyra whines about new tattoos and volunteers herself to do a solo bellydance. Plus: Frankenskirt teaches Pyra it’s OK to just give up, Pyra’s dad chimps out on some crazy neighbor digging up dandelions in the backyard, and Jian Ghomeshi had the CBC’s best punchlines.

Under My Skin Podcast with Pyra Draculea

Under My Skin Podcast with Pyra Draculea

Under My Skin Podcast v3.0: Episode 2

This week, Pyra complains about her even-more-screwed-up-than-usual sleep schedule, blathers on about DIY bellydance costuming and trying to use up her fabric stash, gets a one-week reprieve on tattooing, and the Wikipedia robots have finally decided/noticed Pyra existed as maQLu in 2010. Plus: Frankenskirt!

Under My Skin Podcast v3.0: Episode 1

(There was a brief v2.0 of the show for a couple weeks… never mind that…) Yet another reboot: After getting lazy and skipping the show last week, this double-wide episode has a dose of the old version of the show as Pyra raves about the wonders of an obnoxious old cartoon called Kevin Spencer, swaps […]

Under My Skin Podcast with Pyra Draculea

Under My Skin Podcast with Pyra Draculea

Under My Skin Podcast #81

This week, Pyra whines about her sore throat, gives a brief report on last week’s Left Spine Down show, and discussed the end of her music project maQLu. Also: a blog about the manufactured outrage over Roosh’s meet-ups vs. the crickets over actual rape mobs and an idiot on YouTube complains about Pyra’s Guns N […]

The Rock N Roll Blather Show – February 6, 2016

This week’s top stories: Megadeth’s new album launches at #3 on the Billboard charts while Justin Bieber’s album is #2 (but you already knew that); shows us a parallel universe where Lita Ford is a dorky librarian/high school band teacher; Bret Michaels fancies himself a luggage designer, the better to transport wigs and bandanas; […]



Mind of maQLu Radio – February 4, 2016

This is an aural stream of consciousness transmission, the soundtrack to your transmutation. Today’s magic word(s): Popular belief. Mind of maQLu Radio – February 4, 2016 by Maqlu on Mixcloud Playlist: Van Halen – Top Jimmy (1984, 1984) Marilyn Manson – Mister Superstar (Antichrist Superstar, 1996) Hanoi Rocks – Beer and a Cigarette (Self Destruction […]

Under My Skin Podcast #80

Under My Skin Podcast #80 by Pyra Draculea on Mixcloud This week: Pyra slowly starts working on her New Year’s resolution to cook at home more but opts for McDonald’s rather than risk “catching the hipsterism” on Main Street; helps her brother with WordPress; mentions her growing mini-obsession with the Shikoku pilgrimage in Japan; spends […]

Under My Skin Podcast with Pyra Draculea