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Out of the wasteland

Long time no write. What’s been going on in my life? Everything, nothing, movement, stasis, creation, blockages, etc. I swore “Persona Non Grata” was the definitive end to this maQLu business, but then I also used to say maQLu was my evil twin; well, the problem with putting your evil twin to bed is sometimes […]




Sitting in the back of a dark theatre with my newest friends, eating chocolate and watching the other girls do their tech run-throughs. I should have been more daring in dropping my hints that I’d like you to come. But no… I didn’t invite you to my show tonight just as you didn’t invite me […]


Everything always sucks at Walpurgisnacht. In theory, it’s the biggest celebration sabbat/holiday for Satanists, deemed second only to your own birthday in the Church of Satan calendar, and miles ahead of Hallowe’en.   Of course, I’m not really a Satanist anymore, rather some sort of Crowleyite, and I don’t celebrate my own birthday either, really.  […]


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Demoting myself

So, I’ve been having delusions of grandeur leading me to thinking that 1. I should make some new music (well, that’s more of a compulsion, I guess), and 2. that I should perform live again, which, mixed with a pragmatic appraisal of my skills lead me to thing that 3. I need a band because […]

Album of the Week: Anxious Disease – The Outpatience

Originally published on my other blog, So, this is West Arkeen’s project, West being a close friend with the Guns N Roses guys (he co-wrote a few GNR tracks, for example “It’s So Easy.” He also co-wrote Use Your Illusion I‘s “Bad Obsession,” co-written with Izzy). West founded The Outpatience in the mid-90s and […]


Tattoo cover-up #2, phase 1

Originally published on my other blog, Following up from the first tattoo cover-up session and the last one, yesterday we moved on to the left arm, where the cover-up tattoos shift from hibiscus to passionflowers. As with the right arm, we started with the front of the bicep tattoo, because that’s the suckiest one […]


Rhododendrons for a Virgin

Rhododendrons for a Virgin by maQLu Originally released as part of the maQLu’s New Moon Madness podcast in May 2013, reposted to the Bandcamp as an actual release. Inspired by a vague childhood memory of some procession when I was in Catholic school.



Full Moon Mixtape

Full Moon Mixtape by maQLu For a little while in 2013, I had a monthly mixtape podcast. Each episode had a new original (or at least a demo), a new remix of one of my own songs, and a new noise/experimental piece, along with a cover and a remix of someone else’s track. These are […]

Album of the Week: Cocked & Loaded – L.A. Guns

Originally published on my other blog, Been on an L.A. Guns kick the last week or so, listening on repeat to 1989’s Cocked & Loaded along with their self-titled debut (1988) and the follow-up Hollywood Vampires (1991) on CD in my car. L.A. Guns always kinda got second billing after Guns N Roses, though […]

Cover of L.A. Guns' 1989 album Cocked & Loaded

Peeling time!

Originally published on my other blog, Ah, the peeling stage of healing a new tattoo… when one’s arm begins to resemble a shag carpet made out of old skin. Should be over with and looking good again by Monday.



Tattoo cover-up #1, phase 2

Originally published on my other blog, Following up from the last tattoo session, today was time for another chunk to be inked on. Technically speaking, this one wasn’t actually a cover-up, but it shall be linked to the first hibiscus on this arm, which is. And why two hibiscuses? Well, on the left arm […]