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Strains of piano float down the hall and theatre vocal rehearsals —far harsher than the rock singers— cutting and projecting I know it’s a style deliberate and possibly turned on and off at will. She’s not really so shrill. Still I wonder… what does she sound like screaming at her man when he’s done wrong. […]



Speaking ill of the dead

Ah yes, you simply must —must!— point out Thunders’ foibles. As if no one knew of his addictions… as if anyone would think that lyrical references to tracks weren’t literal. Or that the syringe in his hat was only for decoration like a feather As if it matters now… 23 years later. The discussion was […]


Plucking out the fattest blueberries to pile in my open palm —fingertips still sore from blues licks at the week’s guitar lesson— and consume Listening to every unverified track in my iTunes to cull out the garbage —incoherent electronic babbling from distorted mouths— and condemn The berries are mostly signal little noise few are discarded […]



White knight

There you stand week in, week out polishing your stone Waiting for a sinner to cast it at So that we will all cheer you on and know that you are righteous and maybe —just maybe— so that girls will like you and spread their legs And today you are so gleeful You threw your […]


Rain pattering the windows dousing the heat we enjoyed and the boat rocks gently with the swells Where to go from here? We make small jokes —effective silence— and listen to the rain between the beats and the breaths And when my friends ask I keep your secrets just as you keep mine even from […]




No funny business, you say but I am welcome to stay a while and we talk shop and I respect your line in the sand: You will move if and when you’re ready And I keep my hands to myself and we talk about rock and roll and drugs and philosophy and we avoid talking […]

Salt water

Strange compulsion a year to the day since the salt water I pull into the lot closest to the sea high tide lapping at the thinnest stretch of sand abandoned… And I get out my purse and my Les Paul in full view on the seat but I don’t care clicking the lock button as […]



Venom and longing

Yes, we know, we know, we all know you hate him you hate all like him and we all must be constantly reminded of it And you scream and snark about things that do not concern you How dare Depp dump his ex? How dare any man? (maybe she was a bitch like you?) Get […]


Stranger wants too much of me constant reaching for me demanding my hand saying “it’s just hands!” But when I let him hold mine he squeezes it to his chest and won’t let go And I came here alone but I’m leaving with another I am not this stranger’s to hold not even just hands […]




Sunrise on a cloudy day we are still up from last night’s party watching videos and talking about rock and roll “Is he hot?” you ask, gesturing to the flickering screen The dead man pouts back at us, his immortal soul captured and pixelated captivating in turn “Well, he’s dead, which makes it weird to […]


20 odd years you’ve lived in my heart, my ears, rent-free in my head your voice, your pained or ecstatic howl echoes of a long-since dissolved favorite band favorite songs 15 years ago I went to look you up You’d vanished Gone with no trace into the junkhouses and shooting galleries in the East Gone […]



Wide awake dreaming

I was sleeping wide awake dreaming and knew it, face down on my belly he slipped under the sheet and laid on top of me big hands on my shoulders and the back of my head, petting my hair The lights were on garish overhead fluorescents this isn’t my room, I thought but I was […]


Run little girl, another stamp for the passport, and ticked box to match it Run from the failures here, give me silence for another month don’t need no undermining advice today, got enough bad ideas of my own Run little girl, pretend your husband is on the next flight or the next itinerary Run from […]




The elephant in the room sits politely and sips his tea, watching us with amusement We ignore him—as always—and make polite small talk And the elephant gets a little fatter the smaller we talk Your show, my show, the Mötley Crüe show or the current residency in Vegas Open mics, closed mouths. Solidbody, hollowbody, halfway […]