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Demoting myself

So, I’ve been having delusions of grandeur leading me to thinking that 1. I should make some new music (well, that’s more of a compulsion, I guess), and 2. that I should perform live again, which, mixed with a pragmatic appraisal of my skills lead me to thing that 3. I need a band because […]

bass books

Tattoo cover-up #2, phase 1

Originally published on my other blog, blahblahblah.pyradraculea.com Following up from the first tattoo cover-up session and the last one, yesterday we moved on to the left arm, where the cover-up tattoos shift from hibiscus to passionflowers. As with the right arm, we started with the front of the bicep tattoo, because that’s the suckiest one […]



Tattoo cover-up #1, phase 2

Originally published on my other blog, blahblahblah.pyradraculea.com Following up from the last tattoo session, today was time for another chunk to be inked on. Technically speaking, this one wasn’t actually a cover-up, but it shall be linked to the first hibiscus on this arm, which is. And why two hibiscuses? Well, on the left arm […]

New stuff brewing

Originally published on my other blog, blahblahblah.pyradraculea.com Been getting ideas more fleshed out for a music talk/comedy video series idea I’ve been plotting for a while. To the point where I think I’m ready to shoot in January and am starting to ask friends about their interest. Which means it was time to get my […]



Tattoo cover-up #1, phase 1

Originally published on my other blog, blahblahblah.pyradraculea.com So, I have 3 old, stupid pin up boy tattoos on my upper arms. I’ve told the story on Under My Skin a few times before; long story short: used to do a lot of fetish art, never thought I’d get sick of it or embarrassed by the […]

Another album update

So little left to do, but damned if I could manage any of it for all of June and July. I’ve bitched about this before, of course, all the inertia and indecision, much of which is a result of my changing musical preferences versus old material that I want to get out there… Anyway, I […]


Longboards, etc.

So I decided it would be fun to pick up another new sport/hobby and start longboarding. Not thrilled with the usual board graphics choices, I was thrilled to see one of the local shops has a longboard painting workshop in a couple weeks so I walked down there from the synth cave this afternoon to […]

Special Ed

Been a while since I posted anything about my whole learning to swim and bike thing, and I guess since I started I might as well post an update. I’ve been biking now for a couple months, a couple times a week. Still sticking to off-road trails since I don’t feel up to dealing with […]

maQLu aka Pyra Draculea, self portrait

Shooting various takes of me singing the new track, “Au Revoir, Goodbye Little Whore.” Getting things synced up with the song will probably take all weekend, but I should have a video for it to post some time next week. In the meantime, I got around to taking some new pics for the first time […]

Pools and past lives

My brother is convinced I must have drowned in a past life. Reason being that I never properly learned to swim and don’t care for having water splashed in my face. The odd thing, though, is I have very clear memories of being at an aunt’s place in Winnipeg and diving into their backyard pool, […]


So a few days ago when running errands with my father he blurted out that he’d put my new CD (Malfeasance) into the stereo in his truck and listened to it. Kinda an awkward moment because let’s be blunt it’s not exactly the kinda lyrics someone wants to hear their daughter singing (though nowhere near […]


Morning meditation/fidgeting

Using the term “morning” loosely… Crowley wrote somewhere something to the effect of it’s better to sit and fidget for 60 minutes than to mediate perfectly for 59 and quit a minute early. I’ve set the more modest initial goal of 13 minutes, but it’s still fidget central. Nonetheless I sat down to stick it […]