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Thought but not spoken

Contrary to the myth, things tend to end with a pathetic whimper, not a big impressive bang. But it’s usually best to not point that out to whatever special little snowflake is at the end of the line thinking she’s making history. Nature will make the point clear enough soon enough.

Thought but not spoken

How does the old Marilyn Manson song go – “your fake hair fits your faker face”? No, I’m remembering the line wrong but it does fit. Tell your MacBook I said hi, it’s the one who has all the musical talent anyway. As for you, keep sucking – it worked so well for the cunt […]

As above

Wolf can’t help but notice a new trend – the more she thinks of devouring a certain prey in a certain way, the more he seems to mirror back her that he’s looking be devoured in that same way, even if it’s still hide and seek for now. Somehow through the ethers a seed has […]


The islanders never needed to want, when times were tough their shaman knew the secrets to call out to the dolphins and the dolphins would give themselves up to the beachhead and his bidding and the feast would happen as planned. Funny how lately the flow is drawing him to the beach all the same […]


Some days it seems like the city becomes a sentient being, seeking to buoy you up or drag you down alternatively on a whim. Other days it seems that no matter how much it rains here, the city is a barren wasteland desert. Sure there’s life in a desert, as any National Geographic special can […]


Clear sky day and to the southeast Mount Baker’s white mass rises into the sky. It looks so peaceful but only an idiot thinks it’s actually so. All these mountains are volcanoes, granted most of them around Vancouver are dead or dormant, but not Baker. I know it well: I was forged in the belly […]

Monkey see, monkey do

“You wanna be me, yeah, you wanna be me, really be someone…” It dawned on me that a despised rival seems to be trying to be me. Dyed her hair the same color, trying to be a writer and music “journalist” when I’ve pretty much decided it isn’t worth the hassle anymore and there’s a […]

The Slug and the Peacocks

There once was a slug that was convinced it was a peacock. His other slug friends seemed to corroborate this belief—whether they really agreed with him or whether they were just humoring him will never be known, but in his home section of the forest everyone agreed with him that he was in fact a […]

The Dollmaker

The things he’s never managed to say out loud he illustrates in tableaus set up with dolls. All the anxieties, faint memories from the wars of his parents’ generation, obsessions, insecurities of his own oddness… all test-driven in miniature. The small world supercedes the real world and becomes more real. All creation is like that, […]

The Way Things Are

Wolf sees rabbit. Wolf wants to chase rabbit. Wolf wants to catch rabbit. Wolf wants to devour rabbit. Wolf has to work very, very hard to not act on that impulse, even when wolf knows it is neither the time nor the place to be seen to be attacking cute lil’ bunnies. Wolf may succeed […]

Down There

Having abandoned the Wraith (or at least his blue-eyed incarnation) on the stairs ages ago, she had thought the lid was shut on that Pandora’s Box, though every now and then the remembrance of his searching eyes, hoping she would stay with him, did come back to haunt her. She really didn’t think of it […]


From a distance we could see the sky turning fuschia and orange as the sun sank, but in the city there was no way to see the extent. Driving to the riverbank the colors just intensified, turning the bend the river widened out to the sea and both met the horizon in a fury of […]

The Nice Work Trap

They seem like such Nice people. They do yoga and charity work and they bike to work and eat holistic food and they’re kind to animals… and they do such Nice work too, or at least everyone says they do. You never really cared for their recent output. Some people push you towards them – […]