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#29 at CiTR for April 2012

Was just flipping through the PDF version of the new Discorder Magazine and noticed on the monthly Top 50 chart for CiTR Radio at the back of it that my album blood.black.haze was #29 for the month of April. Sweet! if you’re in Vancouver, Discorder’s all around town as a freebie, but you can also […]

New music video: “Manifest”

I’d had this documentary on the Royal Ballet of Cambodia sitting on my hard drive for about a year [available here at archive.org] intending to put it to use in a dance-themed archival footage video for “Manifest,” but never got around to actually cutting it up and setting it to “Manifest” until last night. Enjoy! […]

CiTR chart positions

So last week blood.black.haze cracked the top 30 at my home station, CiTR Radio in Vancouver [I DJ here for the Vampire’s Ball, but believe me when I say I had nothing to do with it – wasn’t playing any of my own stuff lately], by squeezing on at #30. Just got the chart for […]

#30 in Kingston, etc.

The circle comes around – my first ever chart position was #30 on the Top 30 chart at CFRC in Kingston in July of 2010, and this week blood.black.haze has reclaimed the same spot. CFRC Top 30 chart for January 24, 2012. In other news, rehearsals for the Tuesday Night Music Club set next week […]


CFBX Top 25 Electronic Albums of 2011

Holy shit. Just saw this – blood.black.haze made the Top 25 Electronic Albums of 2011 list at CFBX [The X 92.5 FM in Kamloops]. Lucky #13! Funny, just last week I was chatting with Tyranahorse [doing an interview with them for Discorder Magazine for the February issue] and we were talking about how much we […]

Some new charts etc.

Haven’t checked in to !earshot’s charts in a few weeks, and lo and behold I’ve been on them a couple times lately: A couple weeks ago on November 22, 2011 blood.black.haze was #4 on the electronic top ten and #29 on the top 30 at CFBX in Kamloops, BC. And this week’s charts aren’t fully […]

blood.black.haze now available

Now available: blood.black.haze, a 16-track CD with songs from my first 3 digital EPs, Blood [April 2010], Black [October 2010] and Haze [April 2011]. Buy it directly from me to get it autographed – just choose the “signed” option from my store to get your copy personalized! Purchase Maqlu’s blood.black.haze directly from Maqlu


Lyrics from “Snare” off of Haze. Copyright 2010 Pyra Draculea. Broken bunny black as hate Show your hand, don’t make me wait Cast your shadow, curse your fate Come out, cum hard, come take the bait I got a need for you Ain’t it funny, bitter mate Know you planned it far too late Kill […]