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Iguana Weather

Piping hot here in Vancouver yesterday and today, the kind of heat that wilts you just getting from the car to the house. I think the iguanas have hacked into the controls on the weather machine.


Pools and past lives

My brother is convinced I must have drowned in a past life. Reason being that I never properly learned to swim and don’t care for having water splashed in my face. The odd thing, though, is I have very clear memories of being at an aunt’s place in Winnipeg and diving into their backyard pool, […]

Weird dream: bedroom studio

Woke this morning/afternoon from a bizarre dream. In the dream I woke and a few of my studio engineer friends were sitting at a ProTools rig/computer beside my bed, embroiled in a mix session. You’d think that would be the thing I thought weirdest [within the dream], but no, I recall asking them in bewilderment […]


From Canada Place

Went to Canada Place today for my weekly brainstorming/mini-writing “retreat” because I was too tired for a trek to Stanley Park. A small sense of parallels – Canada Place is really just a convention centre but it makes itself out as somehow representing Canada and the culture, and here I was in my Skinny Puppy […]