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Rhododendrons for a Virgin

Rhododendrons for a Virgin by maQLu Originally released as part of the maQLu’s New Moon Madness podcast in May 2013, reposted to the Bandcamp as an actual release. Inspired by a vague childhood memory of some procession when I was in Catholic school.


Shrug [Part 1]

Drowning in Past Lives

Drowning in Past Lives by maQLu Originally released as part of the maQLu’s New Moon Madness podcast, April 2013 episode. Odd note: the work was based on the notion of past lives’ experiences informing fears in the current live, but less than 3 months after I put this out, I nearly drowned on a kayaking […]


This was a three hour, three part long composition originally done for CiTR Radio’s 24 Hours of Radio Art in January 2014. Loosely inspired by Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Looks like if I posted embeds from Bandcamp back when it was released, that post has been disappeared, so here it is again now that I’ve […]

Shrug [Part 2]

Necktar 2017 vol.5

The newest installment of the experimental compilation series Necktar 2017 is out today. Volume 5 features 111 tracks, including my own “Dr. Jeckyll’s Mask.” This is a free compilation, grab yours here: Necktar 2017 vol. 5


blood+birth by maQLu As mentioned before, I’ve been thinking for a while of doing some extended audio collages and experimental tracks, and this is the first one. blood+birth debuted on the Vampire’s Ball this past Friday, and I’ll be trying to do these longer works more regularly, maybe even a couple times a month. They’ll […]