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Rambling semi-coherent post about DJs, college radio, and self-promotion

So… another acquaintance of mine has gone and declared themselves a DJ, apparently thinking that standing around twiddling knobs will make their non-DJing music career succeed where sitting on their ass twiddling their thumbs didn’t. Just one problem with that: wouldn’t getting off your ass and playing gigs and touring with your own music promote […]


Trying too hard

At a show not that long ago there was a singer/solo artist who seems to be trying to set himself up as some sort of sexy crooner pop dude, always playing in just jeans and a tight white t-shirt, hair slicked back, and obviously trying a little too hard to be perceived as a heartthrob. […]

Sitting at the door with a friend for someone else’s show tonight. Cover is $10, which is more than this venue usually charges but obviously it’s what the headliners felt was fair to demand. Bimbo and her friend walk up and ask me what the cover is. “Ten dollars.” “What?! Ten dollars for this place?!?” […]

Random observation

Anyone else notice how over the last 10-15 years we stopped calling psychos and criminals “psychos” and “criminals” and we started called them “bad guys”? Which is kinda the sorta thing you say to a five year old when you explain to them why they shouldn’t ever get in a car with a stranger because […]

One good song

Maybe it’s just my asshole planet talking [Mars in Scorpio], but I find it amusing that the guy who wrote Rent had a song lamenting how he’d love to write just one good song before he died. And then he died just before the initial opening night. [Which was really the best thing that could […]

Sometimes we have all had a friend who likes to talk smack about someone and we smile and nod politely. And then months later we find out he was right. Not that I’ll ever say that to R of course. Things work out the way they need to.