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Just finishing the last of the videos for the new album, Malfeasance. Mostly using archival footage again, but some involve footage I shot too. Of the archival footage videos, a couple of scores made me chuckle. First, I was making a video for “I Like You Better When You’re High” with a couple layers of […]


My latest follower on Twitter, apparently

This is real [took a pic of my iPad’s screen when logged into the maQLu Twitter account], but surely it’s a mistake. Either that or it’s a clever scheme – follow a bunch of bands, when they’re done shitting themselves, they follow back, then unfollow since it’s mission accomplished. But I can dream. And it’s […]


Another weird coincidence thing

Follow up from yesterday’s post about some goofy synchronicities stemming from a couple conversations joking about dick pics etc. I’d been going to go to a show tonight but it got cancelled so I’ll be doing my usual radio show instead. Which means I need caffeine and candy, which I didn’t bring. So I went […]

Coincidence or no?

Days like this I think there’s something to the theory that 1. there’s no such thing as a coincidence and 2. the universe has a sense of humor. A couple days ago someone I follow on Twitter [personal account, not @maQLU] was asking about if girls really do want to see dick shots, I replied […]

Making some mini-quilt dust covers for my synths, found this circuit print to use for one (lucky RS-5). Too bad it was only the one piece. Oh well.




For the last few weeks I’ve been thinking I’d like to find a Tibetan phurba [wikipedia tells me they’re more properly called a kila]. Not too sure why the notion came to me, though I figured it had to do with me working to get back into regular mediation and other such work. Ages ago […]

Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

So, as is so often the case, the best ideas come late at night when I’m trying to fall asleep. This time, I was pondering how I want to be playing tambourine live on a couple songs, but want to avoid the massive bruising on my upper thigh that I ended up with after the […]