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The stupidest thing I’ve read this week

Not going to name names, but I saw possibly the most retarded thing ever in my Facebook feed today. It was a discussion related to the issue of whether one thought carrying a weapon was a good idea, which devolved into a shitfit about what one would and would not do to defend one’s family. […]

Rambling semi-coherent post about DJs, college radio, and self-promotion

So… another acquaintance of mine has gone and declared themselves a DJ, apparently thinking that standing around twiddling knobs will make their non-DJing music career succeed where sitting on their ass twiddling their thumbs didn’t. Just one problem with that: wouldn’t getting off your ass and playing gigs and touring with your own music promote […]



Dear blowhards

Hey there, all you self-righteous pricks on Facebook loudly proclaiming that you’ll never buy any of that brand of guitars that I never heard of before tonight but apparently the guy who owns the company said something you didn’t like about gays or some such shit: Didja use his guitars before? No? Then it’s not […]

Hard-wired gender stereotypes

And one last thought, probably rather un-PC, but fuck those fascists anyways: in doing this today I realized that despite growing up with a brother and spending the better part of my life amongst guys since I find females mostly a pain in the ass and a waste of time with nothing interesting to say, […]

Good block, bad block

So I arrive in the synth cave today soaking wet from the rain after walking in from a couple blocks away where I left my car. Why would I park a couple blocks away? Especially as there’s adequate parking in the little lot off the back alley and more spaces available curbside in the front […]


You know what my favorite part of a live show is? When the only guitarist onstage is randomly picking out single pinch harmonics up high on the neck which you can’t even really hear and letting them ring out for at least a bar or two each but you do hear a wall of chugging […]

Glee and other garbage

Can someone explain to me why the fuck anyone watches crap like Glee? Because at least when I went to school, the glee club was where all the geeks and losers (the ones not cool enough to play triangle in the jazz band) were relegated. Actually, I don’t even recall any high school I went […]

Nice is so last year…

I speak not in terms of actual conduct with people you do business with [even if some people in this industry need a good hard throttling] but in terms of image, attitude, and sound. Nice is boring. So is pretty. So is polished. Am I the only one who ever noticed that we get a […]

Karma and the Weasel

Remember that fucking kid you always hated in school? The one who ratted you out to the teacher if you didn’t want to play with him? The one who no one wanted to play with because he was an obnoxious prick? You know, if he didn’t win the game he changed the rules retroactively, and […]

So apparently there was a shooting at a movie theatre in Denver last night, don’t know all the details but my Twitter and Facebook feeds are already filling up with smug Canadians crowing about “American gun culture” (never mind that Canadian criminals are shooting out a little turf war in Toronto as of late) and […]