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Podcast links for the final episode of the Vampire’s Ball, April 30 2015

Final episode of the show. It’s been [mostly] fun, folks. Check http://pyradraculea.com and/or http://maqlu.com for what I’m up to from here on out. Playlist: Boyd Rice – The End of the World (The Way I Feel) Left Spine Down – Troubleshoot (Caution) Barron S – Rebirth (Mixtape) The Rabid Whole – Future (Refuge) Big Rude […]


Podcast links for the Vampire’s Ball, March 4/5 2015

‘Twas CiTR’s annual FunDrive this week, hence the shorter playlist as I spent much more time talking and trying to hypnotize you all into coughing up money for CiTR. You’re feeling very sleepy… you want to go to to http://www.citr.ca/index.php/fundrive/donate-now/ and pledge your beer money and be sure to click on The Vampire’s Ball in […]


Podcast links for the Vampire’s Ball, February 18/19 2015

Playlist: Crystal Pistol – Line It Up (Crystal Pistol) Dead On TV – Cocaine [Gofight Remix] (Fuck You, I’m Famous) Danko Jones – Getting Into Drugs (Fire Music) Die Mannequin – Caroline Mescaline + “Nobody’s Graveyard, But Everybody’s Skeleton” (Fino + Bleed) Cobra Ramone – I’m a Mess (Bang Bang) The Compulsions – Demon Love […]



Podcast links for the Vampire’s Ball, February 11/12 2015

Filled in for Hans von Kloss this week, but I only podcast part 2 [the Vampire’s Ball proper] of the playlist. Playlist: Part 1 [fill-in]: Foetus – Diabolus in Musica (Bedrock) Foetus – Shut (Bedrock) Foetus – Rattlesnake Insurance (Bedrock) Foetus – Bedrock Strip (Bedrock) NON – Storm (Blood & Flame) NON – Cruenta Voluptas […]

Podcast links for the Vampire’s Ball, February 4/5 2015

Playlist: Angelspit – Baal Arise (The Product) KMFDM – These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ [Candy Remix] (Boots) Junksista – Panties (High Voltage Confessions) KONE – Wash Your Hands (Solip Cystic Mystic) Stiff Valentine – A Brave New World (Empire of Illusion) ttwwrrss – After the Crash (ttwwrrss_2) Virtual Terrorist – Sheiser [Terror Cookie Remix […]